Week 12 AJ Post:...

Off The Hook!

Idioms are fun.
Bloody worms are MORE fun.


Week 11 AJ Post:

Hey Willy! I got poop caught in my fur! Whaddo I do!?

ugh.. if i see an episode now, i wonder why i ever watched this show as a kid.
just awful. haha...


crapcakes with lame syrup.

sometimes, i think i can draw things (worthwhile) quickly...
...i get disappointed shortly thereafter. :c

oh, photoshop, why must you loathe me?


Week 9 Topic: 'Lyrics of a Song'

Horse the Band

Bird..... Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

The geek, with no beak:
He's so weak he cannot speak!
The geek, with no beak:
He's so weak he cannot speak!

Vestigial wings
And dwarven legs.
A semper fi cranium
That's got automatic eggs.
His gaping maw
Is geared to spew.
He just might be a she
So Birdette will do!!

Go eat your eggs!
Force fed, force fed.
Go eat your eggs!
Out of his mouth-
Straight at your head!!



i got bored sunday... decided i really liked the ribbon feel of the monster vs monster background and wanted to try reds... i was pretty excited about the end result. (sponsored by red stripe.)


old shite...

business monkey... (yes. this is from a long time ago...)

moster vs. monster topic:

a delightful battle between 2 buggars...


oliver looking like a spry little devil... as usual... he always poses hilariously for photos. i don't get it.


Jordan. Illustrated.

This week's Art Jumble posts are all dedicated to the 'moving on' of a friend, coworker and aspiring cryptozoologist, Jordan McCommons... He will be greatly missed... or loathed. I can't decide.

Jordan always raved about the Coelacanth fish species and its evolutionary existence, so I decided to immortalize him AS the fish. Hoorah. Good luck back in NorCal, Jor-jor.


Welcome to my art bloggery...



It took a little bit... but it's finally completed. The first post for 'Art Jumble.' (Vampire, Ping-Pong, Soda Can)

An enjoyable first shot at hanging strong with the great artists from my 'Pearson Days'... as they were... heh heh.
Man, it's SO long overdue. I've been waiting for a chance to start getting motivated and drawing for myself again. It's a treat to be alongside these gentlemen once again and creating a fun sort of 'artscapade' of imaginitive attempts at creating fun pieces. Can't wait for this week's illustrations! Saweeet!